What is a Business Partner and why do we need one?

et_cover_webshop_300_03Excerpt from Credit Management in SAP S/4HANA by Marjorie Wright.

You may be wondering exactly what a Business Partner is and why we need one. Don’t we already have customer and vendor master data in SAP? In this chapter, we explore the Business Partner master record, and its relationship to the older master data model. Continue reading “What is a Business Partner and why do we need one?”


Introduction to SAP Predictive Analytics


Excerpt from First Steps in SAP Predictive Analytics.

SAP introduced version 1.0 to the market in Q2 of 2012. It is important to note that it was not referred to as predictive analytics but rather predictive analysis and it was different than the current application. Predictive analysis was an application meant for analysts and data scientists. Although there was some visual/graphical content in the application that simplified the heavy lifting, it was not an application that regular/casual business users could use to any degree of usefulness.
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